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~~The Exclusive Club for Everyone Who Loves Flying~~

Hello and welcome!

We're passionate about aviation and Blue Sky allows like-minded individuals to get on board and to grow with us in a fun and chalenging environment.

Additionally Blue Sky coordinates family orientated social gatherings e.g. BBQ's, picnics and outings.  

So if flying is your passion & you want to be a part of an exciting community, please call us on 08 6555 7910 or send us an email at

Club Meets Are Held The Second & Fourth Wednesday of Each Month At 18.00 Hours And Or At Other Times The Sim Is Available (As Agreed By the Members). Generally these go until 10.00p.m. although it can be later if
need be.

~~****Introductory Club Pricing -  Charged in 15 Minute Increments****~~

Silver Members:

Price: Free (automatic membership after first flight)
Sim: From just $77 for 30minutes (Usually $199 i.e. that's around 43% off)!

Gold Members:
Price: $300 up-front p.a or 12 monthly instalments of $30
Training: From just $65 for 30 minutes (around 52% off) until training is complete
Sim: from just $50 for 30 minutes (around 63% off) *Can be Shared*

Aircraft: 737-800, Maule, Piper Cub, Mooney, Constellation, F-22 Raptor

Platinum Members:

Gold Members will be aut‚Äčomatically upgraded when they receive their instructor certificate.

They are entitled to train other club members and will receive free flying hours while training as well as additional free flying to compensate for their time spent training the other members.

Aircraft: 737-800, Maule, Piper Cub, Mooney, Constellation, F-22 Raptor.
(Exclusive access to updated aircraft and events).

Note: The respective manufacturers of the aircraft noted above own the trademarks to their brands and we do not purport to be endorsed or licensed by any of them except to the extent that our licensed software emulates these aircraft. 

**** Ask us about "Instructor Certification" ****

Additional club days/nights may be opened to accommodate a growing member base.

***** Prices, club rules and other criteria may be subject to change without notice *****