Jet Flight Simulator Perth

How to Buy a Ticket or Make a Flight Booking Time

[1] How to Buy a Flight Ticket

[2] How to BOOK or CHANGE a Flight time at Jet Flight Simulator Perth

Frequently Asked Questions

[3] What flight times are available ?

[4] Is there an observation area where people who arenít participating can watch ?

[5] Do I need to make a flight reservation ?

[6] Can I have a video of my flight ?

[7] How long are our gift vouchers Valid for ?

[8] My Gift Voucher is expiring or has Expired ?

[9] Does the simulator move ?

[-] What airports can I land on or take off from ?

[-] I booked a Gift Voucher on-line in my own name. I actually wanted the flight for my son. Is this an issue ?

[-] Are there any age limits ? *** 7 is the Minimum age ***

[-] How far ahead will I need to book ?

[-] What are your flight times ?

[-] What is your cancellation policy ?

[-] Are there any height and/or weight limitations ?

[-] How many people can fly at one time ?

[-] How should I dress for my flight ?

[-] Do I need to have any experience ?

[-] How long does the experience last ?

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