Airline Recruitment

JFSP Simulator Assessment Preparation Profile

The following profile is aimed at giving prospective airline pilots a realistic work-up for their flying skills, particularly instrument flying, in preparation for an airline recruiting process that employs a flight simulator assessment.

Bearing in mind that there is no standard process that airlines adopt for their recruiting purposes, the profile has been designed so that factors and performance capabilities they will in all probability be interested in, airmanship in particular, are covered. Therefore, the profile is generic in nature and in no way is designed to represent the specifics an airline may require, or of any airline’s actual recruiting profile.

Session 1:
60 minutes. All raw data.
Take off:
Standard 5 flap T/O.
Second segment clean up on schedule accelerating to 250 KIAS climb to 10000, transition, accelerate to 300 KIAS to FL170 to level. Accelerate to 330KIAS.
45 degree AoB steep turns left and right through 360 degrees. 45 degree AoB steep turn through 180 degrees reversing into opposite direction 45 degree AoB steep turn to roll out on original entry heading.
Pattern Flying:
Chinese weave – continuous climbs at 300 KIAS transitioning to 330 KIAS descents, each through 5000 feet to specified altitudes while turning continuously at the standard rate onto specified headings 180 degrees apart, reversing the turn at the specified headings.
Standard procedural descent to MSA for ILS to full stop landing.
Session 2:
60 minutes. All raw data.
Take off:
Standard 5 flap T/O.
Second segment clean up on schedule accelerating to 250 KIAS climb to 10000, transition to climb and level FL130.
Clean stall and recovery. Maintain level. Landing configuration stall and recovery. Maintain level Turning stall and recovery in the intermediate approach configuration descending at 500 fpm. Recover to level flight.
Standard descent to VOR/DME airfield approach to land.
Engine failure:
5 flap T/O with simulated engine fail at V1 Navigate the aeroplane so as to conduct the required cleanup procedures and briefings for a single engine ILS approach to land.
Session 3:
60 minutes. All raw data.
  • A flight conducted from the airport most likely to be used for the airline simulator assessment. (This will most probably be the airline’s base airport.)
  • Standard T/O and climb to cruising flight level.
  • Emergency descent.
  • Diversion or return to departure airfield.
  • In flight engine malfunction and shutdown.
  • Landing from a precision approach.
  • Emergency Evacuation.
Session 4:
60 minutes. All raw data.
  • If needed, a consolidation flight to polish areas found wanting in the previous three sessions, and any procedures, within the simulator capability, that the customer requires.
AUD $325.00 Per 60 Minute Session
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