Once in a Lifetime

Did you always dream of sitting at the helm of a roaring Jet but didn’t get the 98K+ AUD to start the course? Did the realisation that flying lessons cost hundreds of dollars each, hit you like a sack of bricks right around the time you had to make your career choices?

Never fear land-bound Flyers, because today’s offer is your chance to fulfil that childhood dream without breaking the bank, pushing your intelligence or putting your life at risk. It’s perfect, really!

When you arrive at the Jet Flight Simulator Perth centre an experienced pilot will give you a pre-flight briefing and hands on guidance in the simulator. Jet Flight Simulator Perth has the best visual support in the business so you’ll be amazed as the world around you turns into a real flight scenario.

The engines will roar as you advance the thrust lever for takeoff and, when the takeoff speed is achieved, your pilot will call 'rotate' and you will gently pull the column toward you, lifting the huge aircraft into the air. After retracting the landing gear, you can look out of the window as the ground is disappearing beneath you. Then you will practice various turns and handling techniques of the aircraft to bring you back to approach landing.

When you start to see the runway lights, several miles ahead, you will bring the aircraft to a glide slope configuration for final approach. A few seconds before touchdown, you will ease the nose gently and hear the wheels hit the runway.